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FoodSpect is the best way to search for restaurant inspection data before you dine out. Our restaurant inspection app takes the worry away from eating out at restaurants by showing you their inspection ratings before you walk in the door of a restaurant. We place a lot trust in the hands of restaurants when we eat out, FoodSpect simply helps you make the right decision before it is too late. FoodSpect also provides health inspection information about restaurants, food trucks, school cafeterias, coffee shops, grocery store bakeries/hot food/cafes right at your fingertips. We have over 81,000 restaurants in our app, and We show 350,000 inspections and 865,000 violations.

Are restaurant employees washing their hands?

Is there a pest problem the restaurant isn't dealing with?

Is food being stored at the proper temperature in appliances that run properly?

Does a restaurant store food on the floor?

Does the restaurant have a dishwasher that's getting things clean?

Does a restaurant repeatedly get critical violations showing that they just don't care?