Joost van Ulden BTech, DipEng – President

Since 1997, Joost has been working in software development project management and data integration management. A well-seasoned technology strategist, Joost is an expert in Enterprise Architecture and application design as well as setting high standards for development in the public and private sectors.

Earl Buchan BA His, BBA – VP Business Development
Since 1998, Earl has been a design and business development professional with a extensive, multinational client list. Earl has been integral to the development of customer engagement and  marketing strategies in dozens of businesses.

Our team has over 20 years of experience working together building businesses and innovations all over the world.

Jeremy Wright, CPA, CMA, BA Econ, Advisor
President and CEO of Seatrend Strategy Group providing Corporate Strategy, CFO Services and Accounting Support, Restructuring and Operations Engineering, Corporate Finance and M&A Support, and Human Capital Consulting. Prior to Seatrend, he spent 6 years in a senior role at Deloite LLP.